[HQ] Custom NCP Configuration + Patchwork Plugin (1.4.5 - 1.12.x)

NULLED [HQ] Custom NCP Configuration + Patchwork Plugin (1.4.5 - 1.12.x) 4.8.1

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  • Added custom fork of NCP, courtesy of Captain_Obvious. This fork aims to resolve the movement in water issue found in 1.13.x. Report any issues to the provided link in the ReadMe.txt file. This fork also makes it so a patchwork plugin is no longer needed though it is still strongly recommended.
  • Explained briefly the difference between the legacy and new option so users have a better idea of with to use.

  • Updated custom fork that resolves the remaining known water movement issues. Again, full courtesy of Captain_Obvious.
  • Fixed a few string mistakes from 2 updates ago (En_0t_S).
[Reupload with corrected mistake pointed out by En_0t_S]
  • Remapped several movement and combat checks to send notifications more often due to popular demand. I do see why though, they were a bit strict to ensure all notifications were accurate.
New Patchwork:
  • Same idea for most checks, loosened the strict restrictions per notifications a bit.
  • Fixes start up message for 1.13.x.
  • Minor improvements.
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  • Retouched several non-combat checks.
  • Notifications are now sent with less of a delay between across several checks.
  • Fixes false positive with ladders for both 1.13+ and 1.12 & below.
New Patchwork:
  • Modified values according to ensure reduce false positives.
  • Fixed one mistake isolated to the 1.13+ version (andris155).
  • Retouched Combat checks further.
New Patchwork:
  • Retouched a few check's values to reduce false positives.
  • Fixed aimbot check going off when mining blocks in 1.13+.
  • Fixes false positive with flower pots in 1.13+
  • Reduced false positives.
New Patchwork:
  • Reduced several false positives across multiple checks.
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
Countless patchwork updates:
  • Recoded Tracer check (Optional, enable if you want).
  • Recoded a new debug system.
  • Added inspect command, which checks cheaters VL.
  • Added EntityMove check to detect BoatFly, BoatSpeed and so on (Experimental).
  • Fixed IrregularMovement/Fly false positives.
  • Fixed an issue with KillAuraEntity
  • Fixed movement false positives that occurred when a player gets knockback.
  • Fixed FastPlace false positives.
  • Fixed LiquidWalk false positives if the player has Depth Strider boots equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the GUI did not work in 1.13.x.
  • Fixed LiquidBounce-WallClimb-CheckerClimb bypass.
  • Fixed LiquidBounce-BlockWalk bypass.
  • Fixed LiquidBounce-Step bypass.
  • Improved Speed check.
  • Improved GroundSpoof check.
  • Improved LiquidWalk (Jesus) check.
  • Improved Scaffold check.
  • Fixes two false positives with the patchwork regarding stairs.
  • The current focus shifted towards making machine learning checks, improve movement checks, and fix false positives and bypasses found
New Patchwork:
  • Performance bump.
  • Added Speed check to prevent cheaters from sprinting when going backwards.
  • Added NoSlow check for NoSlowDown cheat(Experiment).
  • Added Stable check to detect some types of SlowHop and LowHop.
  • Improved Criticals check.
  • Improved Speed/Fly check.
  • Fixed some movement check bypasses when moving distance is very small.
  • Fixed GroundSpoof-Packet false positives.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players able to place blocks where they were protected by WorldGuard (or other plugins).
  • Revised EntityMove check.
Legacy Patchwork:
  • Added 1.13.2 support.
  • Improved Jesus check.
NCP (Both versions):
  • Fixes blockinteract.interact false positive.
  • Retouched fight.angle check.
New Patchwork:
  • Added KillAura-Hitbox check.
  • Added InventoryAction-AutoArmor check.
  • Added IrregularMovement-Strafe check(Experiment).
  • Improved KillAura check.
  • Improved AutoClicker check.
  • Improved Scaffold check.
  • Improved Speed check.
  • Improved AntiKnockBack check.
  • Fixed Fly false positives when jumping on slime block.
  • Fixed some Step bypasses.
  • Fixed IceSpeed bypasses.
  • Fixed several errors.
  • Several other minor improvements and code optimization.
Legacy Patchwork (Manually enable survivalfly/passable in NCP if using 1.13+!):
  • Reduced false positives with Waterwalk.
  • Fixed false positives with NCP in 1.13 related to movement, making it safe to enable survivalfly again.
  • Fixed some error messages.
  • Added more possibilities to control the Banwaves.
Another patchwork update:
  • Fixed several fly false positives.
  • Fixed false positives with the Speed checks.
  • Reduces combat false positives.
  • Improvements to the kill aura reach check.
  • Fixes 2 potential crash issues.
  • Properly defines soil/farmland blocks for both versions (SpacePuppeh)
  • Adds new 1.8 - 1.13.x patchwork plugin. Submit any bugs in the provided link in the bottom of the info.txt file.
  • Defines hoppers for 1.13.x (timothydavidhart)
  • Updated both file's npc.jars.

Edit: Yes, there's another error with the patchwork. I'll be posting another update fixing it shortly - shoot me a PM if you absolutely cannot wait.
  • Fixes error with new patchwork (not tested) (Alec Farmer)
  • Should fix carpets for 1.12.2 & below, specifically 1.8.8 (not loading 5-year-old software to test) (Nicolas Matos)
  • Fixes typo in strings (PhanaticD)
  • Fixes a missing ' in a string in the new 1.8 - 1.13.x patchwork. If you were send a version earlier via PM, update to this one.
  • Added abillity to disable individual checks in the new patchwork.
  • Several LiquidWalk check improvements, including LiquidBounce's LiquidWalk-AAC bypass.
  • Several Irregular Movement & Fly check improvements.
  • Fixes false positives when going upstair blocks.
  • Touched up the npc kill aura check.
  • Separates versions 1.12/below and 1.13+.
  • Fixes false positive eating dried kelp
  • Fixes movement packet false positive.
  • Updated Instructions.txt file (Read it 1.13+ users).